Frequently Asked Questions

Our eco-friendly premium wallpaper is made from latex and 100% polyester fabric laminated with a repositionable adhesive and stay flat liner.  For more information, please read here.

  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Greater opacity, which will allow for less see-through of the surface it is applied to.
  • Higher quality look and feel.
  • High print density, allowing for photo realistic imaging and fine line details.
  • Ease of installation and removal of large wall murals and panels.
  • Suitable for long term or short term installations.

We aim to have a fast turn-around time. After final payment is received and your final proof is approved, we dare to say around 2-3 working days.

Panel numbers are printed at the bottom of each strip. Apply the panels in numerical order following the process described in the installation instructions included in the product package.

Below is a list of tools recommended for the application of Wall Covering:

  • Stanley Knife
  • Ladder
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil for marking points

Remember to use all tools as per manufacturer’s safety instructions.

This is a good question. It is very important to ensure that your wall is smooth and free of any obstacles.

The wall surface should be:

  • Flat
  • Clean
  • Dry
  • Free of mildew, grease, or other stains
  • No lumps or bumps

If the paint is old or flaking, then preparing the surface and painting it correctly is highly recommended. Old wallpaper and adhesive should be removed by sanding, or adhesive remover and primer should be applied to the clean, smooth wall surface prior to application. Any holes should be filled with a suitable filler and smoothed out.

Our material is mostly opaque. However, if the wall colour underneath is dark in colour (e.g. red, blue, dark, etc) and the print itself has lighter colours within it, then the wall colour can shine through. It is therefore highly recommended to repaint the surface white and then install your new mural.

This is rarely the case; however, we are able to help and can reprint individual panels. For further information please contact our team and we are happy to help.

Yes, if you do it with care you can clean your mural art. With a clean, damp sponge wipe gently over the surface using just warm water. Please do not use any chemical detergents on your new feature wall.

We wouldn’t recommend that you install it here as it is a wet and humid environment, which, may lead loss of adhesion. We can print your mural on a different material which would be more suitable. For more information, please get in touch with our team here.

Yes, you can. Its water-resistant properties allow for temporary outdoor installations. If you’re interested in Wallpaper or Indigenous Art for use at an event please contact us.

Our self-adhesive wall mural is designed to easy install and uninstall without any damages, based on being installed on a wall that is correctly prepared.

There are some tricks to applying your project if any of the Wallpaper panels cover a portion of wall with a door, window, or fixture:

1. Use a straight edge to push the panel flush against the wall or the obstruction.
2. Use a utility knife to cut away excess material around the object leaving enough material that it hangs just slightly over the obstruction.
3. Use a flathead screwdriver or other flat tool to tuck the excess material behind the obstruction.

While it is important to remove bubbles during the initial application, there’s no need to worry about clearing smaller bubbles at this time. After 15 minutes, smooth out any remaining large bubbles using a smoothing tool. Bubbles that are smaller than a quarter will dissipate as the wall covering sets.