Indigenous Art Collection

DesignCloud in partnership with indigenous artists, is taking indigenous art to a Global audience through the Wallpaper medium.

Sharing our stories.

Indigenous art is UNIQUE! It is not just eye-catching but also has a deep spiritual meaning to it. It reveals an extraordinary view into the culture and values of each tribe, treasuring the past, present and future. Indigenous Designer Wallpaper will enrich your atmosphere beyond your expectations.

Every job is uniquely sized and custom printed using high resolution design files of original works and every job is printed using environmentally friendly inks and materials to ensure your wall is as unique as the artists who have created it for you.

Whether your looking for a statement feature in your office space or to create a talking point in your coffee shop, our professional team is standing by and ready to assist.

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Mockup of Indigenous Artwork in Office

Authentic licensed artworks from local Indigenous artists.

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Our wallpapers look great in any setting, including your office or retail space. We have professional designers on standby and offer commercial installation options.

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Indigenous Artists

We’re always looking for amazing Indigenous artists whose work would look great on someone’s wall. A partnership with DesignCloud opens up new a new channel of revenue and exposure for your designs. Please contact us here for more information.