Sergeant Major Orange

My oldest son took me out on a mother and son date in 2016 to his workplace on the reef. Whilst snorkelling with my son, the Sergeant Major fish schools really stood out to me. Later that day I found out I was going to be a grandmother. It was a very special day and I wanted to create a print that would capture that memory. This print is dedicated to my son Jordan.

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Sargeant Major Orange
Francoise Lane


Francoise Lane

Art is a form of expression and extension of self. My art narratives are of place, people and country of significance to me. I also think art can be a tool to see the world from a different perspective. In 2013, Francoise began creating a series of artworks inspired by her connection to Hammond Island, in the Torres Strait. Her work reflects the love of the country and experiences with family on country, which she holds dear. Every print has a meaningful story behind it that tells of cultural values living on in her family, children and grandchildren. Her artworks are translated into surface pattern designs for textiles applications for interiors, soft furnishings and built environment. Her artwork has been exhibited at the Cairns Regional Gallery and Koorie Heritage Trust, Federation Square Melbourne, and Edinburgh, Scotland. Her international collaboration with Emily Millichip was a finalist at the Creative Edinburgh Awards 2018. She creates what makes her happy, loves to use, and then shares it with the world.