About Us


DesignCloud is the brain child of a 46 year old printing business working in parallel with Hewlett Packard. This combination brings together the values of a small family business and the technical expertise of one of the world’s largest Tech Companies.

custom designed plan wallpaper art

Although a relatively new eCommerce site, the DesignCloud printing facility is over 46 years old and has been in the hands of two families during that time. The DesignCloud printing facility is 100% Australian Owned and operated. Our products are dispatched within days if not hours to you via Courier.

Based in Cairns, the tropical Far North Queensland, we support our local Indigenous community and Indigenous artists via DesignCloud. We are taking Indigenous art to a global audience through the wallpaper medium. Our artists have created some different pieces of art for you which is displaying their thoughts & experience of the world as it has been shown to them. Sometimes in a positive, sometimes in a curious and even sometimes in a negative way… Just as life is, each piece is telling its own story but the artists always treasure and capture their very unique heritage in it.

Ever thought of having your favourite Indigenous piece of art displayed in your office to enhance the ambience? Well, now it’s the time! You choose your design from one of your favourite artists displayed on our web page www.designcloud.com.au, tell us the measurements of the wall and consider it’s almost done. Our installation team will come, prepare the wall and install a stunning piece of art. Feel, touch and breathe your new feature wall. It will enlighten your environment!

couple choosing custom wallpaper art designs

DesignCloud uses materials that provide high quality prints that are safe and have less impact on the environment compared to ANY other ink technology on the market. As we love our planet – we stand behind,- and protect it!

DesingCloud’s wallpaper is odourless, self-adhesive and easy to put up and also to take down again without creating any damage to your wall. And this is another beautiful factor: As time passes we all change… we are growing with different life experience, our point of view may change and the same applies to your commercial mural! It is easy uninstalled and you can choose another piece of art which will change your whole atmosphere again! We hope our unique Indigenous mural installations will bring you joy and inspiration!

DesignCloud. Create it! Print it!