About Us

DESIGNCLOUD is a ground-breaking brand, which provides high-quality designer wallpaper. Together with Hewlett Packard and our expertise as a local printing business we are combining the values of a small family business and the technical expertise of one of the world’s largest Tech Companies.

The DESIGNCLOUD printing facility, based in Cairns, Tropical Far North Queensland is 100% Australian Owned and operated. Our products are dispatched within days if not hours to you via Courier.

Our love of art combined with the latest printing technology has led us to establish our innovative brand, DESIGNCLOUD.

custom designed plan wallpaper art

With DESIGNCLOUD you can choose from millions of high-resolution images in our online database or upload your own to create your very own unique feature wall. Our innovative new service allows you to fully customise your mural as you can edit colour, scale & rotation and place furniture in front of it so you’ll see what your stunning new feature wall will look like before you purchase. These can be installed by our staff or is delivered for self-installation.



Unlike other mural companies we go one step further:

We are showcasing Indigenous Art in a way that has never been seen before!

Our mission: We are taking Indigenous Art to a global audience through the wallpaper medium.

Directly sourced from Indigenous Artists, art is chosen based on quality, provenance, technique and the ability to make a striking repeating pattern. These outstanding pieces are licensed for Wallpaper use exclusively to DESIGNCLOUD. With each piece sold, we support the community and the artists.

Why Indigenous Art?

Indigenous Art is one of the most unique art forms we have come across. It is not just eye-catching but also has a deep spiritual meaning to it. It reveals an extraordinary view into the culture and values of each tribe, treasuring the past, present and future.


couple choosing custom wallpaper art designs

A blank wall leaves a lot of space for imagination… opportunities…

We can transform your commercial space or home and bring these walls alive. Show off your great taste of art! Make a statement with your new favourite feature wall! Be bold! Be unique! Be alive! It’s time to shine!

DESIGNCLOUD uses materials that provide high-quality prints that are safe and have less impact on the environment compared to ANY other ink technology on the market.

As we love our planet – we stand behind, – and protect it.

DESIGNCLOUD wallpaper is odourless, self-adhesive and easy to put up and take down again without creating any damage to your wall. This is another great factor. As time passes, we all change… we are growing with different life experiences, our point of view may change and the same applies to your mural! It is easy to remove, and you can choose another incredible piece that will change your whole environment again.

We hope our unique mural installations will bring you joy and inspiration.

DESIGNCLOUD. Create it! Print it!