custom designed plan wallpaper art

DesignCloud is the brain child of a 46 year old printing business working in parallel with Hewlett Packard. This combination brings together the values of a small family business and the technical expertise of one of the world’s largest Tech Companies.

Although a relatively new eCommerce site the DesignCloud printing facility is over 46 years old and has been in the hands of two families during that time. The DesignCloud printing facility is 100% Australian Owned and operated. Our products are dispatched within days if not hours to you via Courier.

With DesignCloud YOU ARE IN CONTROL. You choose your design from one of your favourite image providers showcasing literally millions of images or upload your own. Simply resize the image to suit your dimensions, make colour adjustments if necessary and VOILA. Create it! Print it!

couple choosing custom wallpaper art designs

DesignCloud uses materials that are specifically engineered to work in combination with HP’s Latex ink technology which provides for solvent free printing ensuring not only do you have the best possible quality prints but your prints are safe and the environmental footprint is significantly smaller when compared to ANY other substrate or ink technology currently on the market.

Prints use a water activated adhesive and through the use of a sponge and water you can position and reposition several times over, your custom prints without damaging your wall or having bubbles behind your print as you would get with regular large stickers.

DesignCloud. Create it! Print it!